Crazy Canucks Under Attack!

The truth has been told

Pedro moves into to CVH mid January…..

Pedro tries to steal “Sunday Funday”  that has been the phrase that Crazy Canucks has used for years for Sunday and the entertainment they have.

The previous owners of CVH and CC worked on things together to not step on each others toes with over lapping music and such.

Pedro hires the band from Crazy Canucks (part of it) promising double the money to them (which didn’t happen) some went with him and have now learned a valuable lessons, and  some knew better to stay where things were good.

He constantly threatens Rob and Krista to “get them shut down”.  Funny thing is “weren’t they there first”?????   Again Pedro makes up stories about the owners and the place.

Recently he hires back a past bartender that was working at CC.  She worked for him before at Pedros and quit.  He blasted her on AD for weeks for leaving him at Pedros with crazy stuff. He made up horrible stories and things about her for weeks.  She bounced around a bit and settled in and was a great addition to CC.   Pedro convinced her he was sorry for all the things he said about her and promised her double the money and managment at both CVH and Pedros Inn if she would come back.  She did.    Guess what?  Poor thing is making a little more money and working 60+ hours a week for it verses her 30 before and no tips!




2 thoughts on “Crazy Canucks Under Attack!”

  1. He is jealous of anyone making a living without ripping folks off!!
    He can’t run a straight up honest business.

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