Pedro’s Golf Cart Rental Business

The truth has been told

Pedro has bought several golf carts.  He brings them to the island, and uses golf cart permits that are owed by “certain” individuals on the island.

The golf cart that went through the window at Island Supermarket was registered to Peter Jones. Anyone who knows Peter Jones knows he doesn’t own a golf cart!  When the accident happened Pedro was called immediatley, turned up quickly and paid for the entire damage to windows and repairs…..of coarse in cash.

Pedro is abusing the system by getting certain people to apply for the permit at Town Board that don’t have golf carts but qualify for a permit.  They get their permit and Pedro uses it for a rental.  Not reported and nothing claimed.  Wonder if GST knows about this?

Town Board does NOT have a record of a Trade License for Pedro having a golf cart rental business.  The Truth was told he was denied a golf cart business trade license some time ago and were unaware he was renting carts.

Pedro did as he typically does and “mows over” anyone and everyone and does what he wants if he doesn’t get his way to start.  Typically the threat of being torn apart on AD, most won’t say anything against him.   Pedro rents carts from CVH and Pedros freely, out in the open and he prefers cash.   He will give a reciept from Pedros Inn if you INSIST on having a reciept.


One thought on “Pedro’s Golf Cart Rental Business”

  1. I know one of the Golf carts is owned by that douche bag Peter Jones and pedro pays peter to use his name and pemit

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