So please tell us YOUR story.  What did Pedro do to you?  I KNOW almost everyone here has a story of some encounter with his arrogant arse! Where did he scream at you, swear at you, throw an “F” bomb at you or in front of your kids better yet! When did he tell you he was going to ruin you, ruin your business, close your business, yell at your staff, better yet yell at his own staff in front of you! Please do share! 


3 thoughts on “PEDRO THE BULLY”

  1. Peter Lawrence is the scum of the earth. He is a human error. His dirty presence and drunken, drugged loud voice are nauseating. He has done so much damage to individuals, businesses and Government officials that he has no place on the island. Let us all get him out by boycotting everything he has his hands on. Let us take every post he has on his disgraceful blog and put it here and we will tell the truth. No more fear, EXPOSURE

  2. I have had a long association with Belize and San Pedro and truly believe that anyone who has either lived or done business on Ambergris Caye will know what Peter is like. I have no horse in the race and quite frankly find a lot of the San Pedro BS at worst irritating and at best mildly amusing. My one observation and the real stumbling block for me is that anyone who sits in their Ivory Tower making up lies (and posting them as fact), slandering individuals, businesses and government agencies SHOULD allow the right of reply. It is sad that one person seems to relish both living in and causing such chaos.
    Ambergris Daily (aka Pedro or whoever “ghost” writes for you) allow comments on your blog if you stand by your pots OR please keep your musings to yourself.

    1. Peter the Cheater is everything written here and more. Arrogant asshole, and to make it worse, very intelligent. I personal hate his guts for good reason.

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