AD Continues

The Truth is seriously concerned about the sanity of who writes AD. AD continues to write about himself on his own blog daily.  Repeating the same thing over and over. Talking about situations in a long boring blog that only include himself with being selfish, using people, hurting those around him, surround himself with people to make him look better.  I am sure most are getting as tired of his lies and BS as we are.  Isn’t there something more productive to talk about?  Positive things here on the island?  The great things everyone is doing? 

Most are just afraid to say anything to this crazy man.  He’ll just scream and swear at you.  It is sad that a beautiful island like ours allows this person to do has he has done to so MANY people.  Hurting tourism by people believing all the crap he writes on his blog with no way to respond.  Saying it is “light hearted humor”?  Well NO ONE sees the humor in anything AD prints about anyone.   Attempting to ruin neighboring bars and restaurants or businesses by promoting himself or talking bad about others.  Stealing ideas and calling them their own.  Talking poorly about people they hardly knows since he never gets to know anyone but to use them. 

More people at this point are laughing, for the continuing saga and drama said…Everyone knows it is he looking in the mirror.


2 thoughts on “AD Continues”

  1. Read back 7/8 comments ago about who is insane repeating the same thing over and over….and sociopath? AD is repeating and repeating….. what a joke!

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