Well AD is complaining about the scooters that are coming to the island to be rented out to tourist.   At first thought we agreed that maybe it wasn’t a good idea, however after some talking, asking around, we are retracking that position. 

We agree that there needs to be rules, perhaps a release signed, maybe a lesson or two on use.  Governors on them so they don’t go 45 miles an hour but maybe 15/20.  With this and hopefully insurance for the owners insuring tourist riding.  We see it as a good way to control traffic.  Less golf carts blowing by each other, less congestion on the roads and maybe even less cars on the island.  Could be a cute idea with people on scooters driving around the island.  Not on the beaches but the roads.  To us we see it as a great way to lighten the roads!

We are wondering if AD is really concerned about “drunk tourist” on mopeds or is it more like worried it will  affect the illegal golf cart rentals at Pedros Inn going on?  People shouldn’t be driving drunk to begin with.  Stop with making excuses.  If your drunk take a taxi!

It is called progress!  It’s called future!


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