Caribbean Villas Construction Shut Down

So the Truth was called yesterday and it seems Pedro AGAIN doesn’t think he has to follow the laws, rules or regulations here on the island with construction at Caribbean Villas, like everyone else does.   Laws are laws and rules are rules and regulations are there for a reason.   Pedro says “Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission and Town Board won’t say a word”!

Seems he decided to start building 48 hostel units down the North side of the property and construction  has infringed on setbacks and easements and now has been shut down.  His idea of a 5 foot set back went to 3 feet and that is down to 2 feet since the awnings are hanging over that! 

Seems it’s going to be a costly “forgiveness” in this case!  Moving buildings?


2 thoughts on “Caribbean Villas Construction Shut Down”

  1. Shut down, but will town board do anything to stop the builders abusing the system? Or will he be able to get away with writing his own rules yet again?

  2. Seems to me that Pedro knows what the rules are, and chooses not to follow them. He has a construction company. It also seems to me that the drama he creates for himself NOT following the rules is just more work, then just following the rules to start.

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