Sailing Update

So Pedro does it again. 

The San Pedro Junior Sailing Club hired a coach after Andrew Milner quit and left the club high and dry.



Andrew Milner left for vacation for three months over the summer last year in 2013.  He left no direction or instruction for the people that were taking care of the kids for the summer.  (Not that he didn’t deserve a vacation but being in charge of a group or organization you should most likely leave direction for the time one would be gone).   Andrew quit.  Said to find a new leader, he was done.  He thought the club would fall flat on its face, needing him upon his return.  But with hard work and dedication by parents and volunteers,  it didn’t.  The club hired temporary coaching, they had help from a strong local teenage sailor, they had help from some very experienced adults that live here.  They had some coaching with a coach that trains in Guatamala.  Eventually they found a coach and brought him here to teach the kids.  In the middle of all this, Andrew returned and thought everyone would bow down to him and beg him to come back.  Instead the club stood it’s ground and kept his resignation and if not resignation a termination had been voted in. 

So Andrew came back and wanted the sailing club back.  The vote was no.   The BOD for the sailing club at that point had done more in those three months with him gone than Andrew did in the prior two years and the kids were happy and WINNING!  The answer was no.  Not just for quitting but several things not worth mentioning.

So the story continues.  He gets back with the group of people that want to make money on the sailing club.  It comes out, THAT was always the plan.  Make a business out of kids sailing, charge memberships, dues, having a bar (that wasn’t licensed) and make money as a business off the locals here.   This was something the present Board of Directors did not agree with.  So The BOD stood their ground.  Andrew in “cahoots” with Pedro decide to try and buy with a group of investors a VERY expensive kids sailing club since that is where the kids sailed from they would buy the resort and own the club.


So the sale went through on CVH.  The BOD decided they needed to find a new home since theirs was sold to Pedro, someone NO ONE wanted around children with his bullying ways and NOT a great role model for boys to follow or see.

The kids went to Nationals and did very well/they won!  Even though they couldn’t “actually” win due to not attending National Ranking required regattas when Andrew was in charge.   They won the Regatta just not the National title.  The kids understood.   It was hard for them to accept but they stood proud knowing they had worked hard, come a long way in sailing and were good sportsman overall.

After the regatta the kids returned to a new home at a great location in town at a very nice hotel. 

Andrew and Pedro were not prepared for the kids to not come back  to them and not owning the club at CVH.  They thought the club wouldn’t be able to find a new home as everywhere the club went owners had been contacted by Pedro to not allow the sailing club to go to their establishment as “he owned those boats” and lied to everyone!  And if you don’t know about the sailing club, why would you think anything different.    Then they assumed the club would ask to come back.  Begging were Pedros exact words.

The BOD finally had made arrangements for everything to transition smoothly to a new location on their return to San Pedro.

Pedro did and has done everything he could to ruin the kids sailing club since then.    He can’t stand he doesn’t own the sailing club or the boats and his “sailing mecca” as he has told everyone isn’t his.  


He bullied the owners of the hotel the kids were then sailing at, to the point of moving the club.  Called screaming and yelling, saying things The Truth was asked not to repeat. 

He would grumble he owned the boats,  that they now belonged to him since he bought CVH.  He would proclaim this to everyone who would listen.  Anyone that went to CVH heard about the sailing club at the bar and bashing anyone involved in the club, mostly Tammy Peterson the chairperson.  How she stole the boats. 

Andrew and Pedro created a “supposable” new Board Of Directors for the sailing club, not acknowleding the present one still existing – and is acknowledged by the Belize Sailing Association.  This being the usual  – because Pedro couldn’t have his way with existing BOD. 

He had the BOD Chairperson Tammy Peterson hauled to the police station to prove ownership of the boats.  (As Miss Tammy stated – The boats are owned by BZSA not Pedro or the actual sailing club and they are on permanent loan to the SPSC/SPJSC and her being the Chair are in her care here in San Pedro.)

He bullied past Board members to the point of  a couple quitting for fear of what it would do to the jobs and positions here on the island.

He bullied three of four General Community Board Members, to not be involved with the group by calling and screaming at them on the phone.  Threats of coarse to blast them or their business on the blog if showing support.

He continues to bully anyone involved in the ACTUAL San Pedro Sailing Club/San Pedro Junior Sailing Club.

(BTW: The reason for two names – when Andrew quit the club and left for his vacation he took everyone off the FaceBook page so no one could post photos or events of sailing or the sailing camp that was coming up, anything after he left)   So the BOD decided they needed a new page that all could post on – hence the second page The San Pedro Junior Sailing Club.

Please like it on Facebook!

The kids have done a great job this season, even with lots of changes and fixing damages done by Andrew and Pedro.  They have grown tremendously in personal strength and character.  They have trained hard and sailed well.   It seems they have won every regatta since the resignation of Andrew.  They now have a cute club on the beach where no one has anything to say.

The club hired a coach in late last August.  And as of today Pedro offered him double a salary, free place to stay and food to quit the SPSC/SPJSC he came here for and go to Andrew and Pedro’ssailing club.   So again.  Pedro is trying to hurt the kids.  Instead of finding his own coach, hiring someone himself which he is prefectly capable of doing.  He is trying to ruin the sailing club once again and bully the club by hiring away the coach SPSJ/SPJSC found, hired and brought in.  Promising things that we all know won’t happened and when the club sailors don’t go with the coach.  He will get screamed at as well. 


Please don’t be bullied by Pedro anymore! 


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