So a couple are to stay at Pedro’s Inn. 

They said they walked in to registration and some old guy with his dirty feet on the desk looks up from behind his reading glasses and barks at some guy that looked like “Waldo” to come help people coming in.  “Waldo” comes scrambling out from a back room and asks how he can help.  The guests stated they were there to check in but the web site for Pedro’s Inn said “beach front”.  “Waldo” says “well you have access to the beach at our sister resort CVH”.  The guests said “then why do you promote here as beachfront”.  “Waldo” said “that’s not my call”.  The guests stated they wanted beachfront.  The grumpy old guy behind the desk started to yell at them that at the price they were paying they shouldn’t complain and be happy with where they were and walk to the beach. 

Guests checked in over night as it was late and check out the next day to stay at Ruby’s on the beach FOR LESS than Pedro’s Inn.


Pedro’s Inn is NOT BEACHFRONT!


2 thoughts on “Guests”

  1. So Pedro’s Inn guests are allowed FREE access to the beach, lounge chairs, pool etc at Caribbean Villa’s. Great amenities for a hostel, I wonder if the hostel pays a commission to the investors at the beachfront resort. Seems like yet again Pedro is getting the better end of the deal……

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