It sure is funny that AD is NOW stating that a group of teachers are getting together to form a new high school for the fall 2014/2015 school year.  Isn’t that what the Truth has been telling all this time?   That options are needed?

Is this their way of “covering their butts” for throwing some individuals under the bus months ago for talking about it then?  Maybe AD should do the research on what was being talked about before and assume the worst ….  AS USUAL! 

NOW stating a new school is in the works.   Aren’t they reporting news NOW that others have been working on for months?

Just for the record:  There has NOT been talk of a private high school in over a year as the people trying to form it were told no.  But AD continues to post about it.  If you read AD posts it quotes some emails from over a year ago from some ladies that were only trying to better the community with more to offer kids in a private high school. 

What The Truth has been saying here is that an online program is trying to be formed which is completely legal,  as well as the talk of a new high school open to the public.   Both are needed as the high school now is over flowing.   

When certain individuals continue to speak poorly about it, those that read AD and believe every word shy away from either option and go without.  AD talks poorly about most anything positive here.

Maybe AD should learn to “get along” and be positve on things for the island and it’s growth.   Instead of always assuming the worst.


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