“The Truth” was asked which vet in San Pedro is licensed.
That would be Dr.Baptist at Saga Humane Society.


4 thoughts on “Vet”

  1. Hey – just an FYI, dr. Camille at the San Pedro animal clinic is a wonderful vet as well who cried along with me when she had to give me the news I had to put my dog down. Unfortunately she was away when the time came so dr. Baptist ended up doing it and saga was also very professional and caring. I think we are fortunate on the island to have a selection of excellent care for animals.

  2. The San Pedro Animal Clinic is a house of horror. Go to Belmopan to check the size of the file with complaints. Dr. Baptist is the most wonderful vet. Why is Camille working without a license…that needs some following up.

  3. This person didn’t want their name used.
    Camille is a licensed vet from the states with a work permit here. She’s a good person and a good vet.

    One thing I like about this blog is that you are not picking on people or picking fights. Leave that to Peter’s blog.

    Saga is excellent care for animals as is San Pedro animal hospital. It shouldnt be a competition.

    By the way, love the recipes… Keep them coming!

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