Sailing in San Pedro

The San Pedro Sailing Club and San Pedro Junior Sailing Club are one in the same. They started a little over three years ago and sail presently in the Boca Del Rio Park every weekend from 9 to 4/5:00 pm.  They have a undefeated race team that is remarkable in their sailing for the last year/season.  They have shown over 40+ kids how to sail as well.  Racing isn’t for everyone.   They were originally based at Caribbean Villas until the resort was sold.  At that point in time the entire board of directors decided that being under the new management of Pedro, they were not staying at the resort.  They are super happy with their new location in the park with tons more kids sailing.

There are two facebook pages as the past Commodore quit and took everyone off the original facebook page – San Pedro Sailing Club, so no one could post comments, announcements or upcoming events.  Hence the San Pedro Junior Sailing Club page was started. 

Tammy Peterson is the Chairperson of the existing club and has been for three years.  Janet Martinez is the Secretary and has been for almost three years.  After Commodore Andrew Milner “took his ball and went home”, resigning when the board questioned some of his ethics and the way he had handled many situations with the sailing club,  Graham stepped up to the plate and took over until recently when his job didn’t allow him to spend the time needed to continue to be in charge.  Amy Knox agreed to take the position and has done a wonderful job with her new “team’.   Lacey Salinas is the Tresurer and took that positon when Graham resigned as he was both Commodore and Tresurer. 


The 7 orignial boats were sponsored by 5 sponsors.  Three boats were sponsored by Graham and then four others.  We thank them all whole heartedly for their generous “sponsorship” over the past years.  However this does not mean you “own” the boat.  It is a billboard for lack of a better term is what it is.  You can put your advertising on it, but it isn’t yours to keep.  The boats are owned by BZSA (Belize Sailing Association) and are on permanent loan to the San Pedro Sailing Club which is the above board.  Along with 12 more they have acquired over the past year. 


Pedros continued bullying of Tammy is unthinkable on Ambergris Daily.  Bullying is something we try to teach our kids not to do, yet this man does it to anyone that gets in his way of having what he wants.  7 little sail boats?  Posting things about her personal life that aren’t true, as well as half truths about a dozen other things and dragging her kids through the mud.   Very childish and selfish.   Funny thing is Tammy has been the Chairperson of the club since day one with being appointed by Andrew Milner. 

“Just because you don’t like a “Board” doesn’t mean you just create a new one and void the old one”.  You have elections and vote.  That has been done and will be done again when the time is up for the existing board.  However MANY people have said that most wouldn’t or couldn’t DO what Tammy does. 





Please remember that there are 30+ officers on the island policing 20,000 people on most given days.  Do your part.  Be responsible and pay attention.

Town Board Doing Fabulously!

A quick reminder of the things town board has done recently starting with REPLACING, not repairing the bridge.

Beautifying the Boca Del Rio Park with plants, trees, hedging.  New picnic tables and the shaded areas for sitting.  The basketball courts repaired and nets replaced.

The new football field that opened for all the kids in town and is being used weekly if not daily.

Counsilmen working with kids sports and activities.

Control with Carnival and painting.

The  roads kept up and maintained with hard core and grading both North or South and certain areas through town.

New trash cans placed all over town.

The traffic officers that report to Town Board are doing a great job with speeding,  stop signs, parking and responsible driving. Maintaining vehicle control.

Good Job Town Board Reps and Mayor Danny!

Crazy Canucks Under Attack!

The truth has been told

Pedro moves into to CVH mid January…..

Pedro tries to steal “Sunday Funday”  that has been the phrase that Crazy Canucks has used for years for Sunday and the entertainment they have.

The previous owners of CVH and CC worked on things together to not step on each others toes with over lapping music and such.

Pedro hires the band from Crazy Canucks (part of it) promising double the money to them (which didn’t happen) some went with him and have now learned a valuable lessons, and  some knew better to stay where things were good.

He constantly threatens Rob and Krista to “get them shut down”.  Funny thing is “weren’t they there first”?????   Again Pedro makes up stories about the owners and the place.

Recently he hires back a past bartender that was working at CC.  She worked for him before at Pedros and quit.  He blasted her on AD for weeks for leaving him at Pedros with crazy stuff. He made up horrible stories and things about her for weeks.  She bounced around a bit and settled in and was a great addition to CC.   Pedro convinced her he was sorry for all the things he said about her and promised her double the money and managment at both CVH and Pedros Inn if she would come back.  She did.    Guess what?  Poor thing is making a little more money and working 60+ hours a week for it verses her 30 before and no tips!



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