Standing up to Bullies!

Author Audrey Matura – Sheperd, a lawyer, ex GOB Senator, Environmentalist and very strong woman in Belize writes this in the Amandala last week!


There is a television ad that runs on US television stations about stopping bullying and it features what kids should do if they witness bullying, which is basically call an adult to intervene.  However whom does an adult call when THEY are being bullied?   Whom do they call when the extremist bully them?  Surely just calling an adult will not help….and in instances, the mere conduct of the bully is suficient to dissuade others to even stand up for the bullied person, because they know they will be next!  OR fear sets in and they fear they will be next.  I have been bullied and stood up and lost nothing and would stand up again!

The Truth thinks all need to STAND UP to “AD”, Pedro and the writers of AD. 

The Town Board is always being threatened to be talked poorly about if he doesn’t get his way on what ever he wants.  The Mayor is always a topic of conversation and what he doesn’t do….not all the good he has done!  Give the man credit!  You can’t change or fix things over night!  The Truth thinks the Mayor is doing great!   Our Minister of Tourism is usually thrown under the bus by AD with comments about what he should do or how he should do it.  Real estate companies and agents are bullied and talked to like children on what they should and shouldn’t do.  His own agents are screamed at “TO GO SELL”!   Yet Pedro has never SOLD real estate, he just bought the business knowing nothing about how it works.  Agents work for themselves.  They want to sell as that is how they make money.   Pedro again being greedy as he saw the people that came to the hostel seraching for property and wanting to swoop up in that business too!  Other hotels are often belittled that compete in the same market.  A certain beach hostel was hastled and grounded not long ago, hopefully she gets back up and running.   Street vendors are bullied that are licensed to have their stands and have been there for years.  One lost all her trinkets by Pedro, as they were tossed in the sea after a rampage not wanting her where her permit allowed her to be.  Other beach bars are bullied and often threatened to be put out of business as Pedro wants everyone at his place.  But what he can’t understand that HE is the reason no one is there.  The “F” bombs and swearing and degrading of people and constant complaining are enought to chase anyone away!  He has recently kicked a couple people out of the bach bar because they WON’T gossip! 

Most are scared to say anything, enforce rules, or set him straight.  Most  try to get along with him so they are not be blasted on the blog where numerous lies are written about people.  They just smile and avoid him and let him do whatever he wants.  When does he have to follow the rules, laws and learn to listen to the way things work?    AD  “idea” of light humor is always at everyone else’s expense. 




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