So Pedro and “crew” buy Caribbean Villas and takes over the middle of January….

Truth has been told…….that most if not all front of the house staff was fired, half the back of the house staff was fired and all but ONE bar staff is gone.  Those people had worked at CVH for YEARS….not just two or three but some like 10 years or more.

These folks were not paid severance pay or vacation pay due to them for years of service.  Some having no choice but to go Labor Dept to get what is rightfully theirs and having to fight for it.  Some too afraid of Pedro, not wanting to fight with him and still have not been paid.  Very sad.  Staff being screamed at infront of guests, belittled, swore at and told they are worthless.  Pedro throwing “F” bombs all over, including in front of kids according to Trip Advisor.

The staff at Caribbean Villas was top notch here on the island.  Though a smaller, little older resort, but quaint.  It was cute and just that “quaint”.  Staff remembered who people were not just day to day or week to week but vacation to vacation, year after year.

Now all the foliage in the back where you enter at the road is ripped out and gone.  All of the different types of trees indiginous to here with little signs of what they are is gone.  The bird sanctuary is gone.  The bar is changed and now huge and the kitchen moved to the back and so far away the food it cold when it gets to you!

There is nothing “quaint” about it anymore.  The cute little place has been turned into the “hostile from hell” as one person put it!  People from Pedro’s using the pool and hanging out on lounge chairs but not staying at CVH.  And not to mention not buying anything at the bar as most backpackers are on a budget and drink prices are higher than before now too.

What happened to our cute, nice, “quaint” Caribbean Villas on the beach!



  1. “Hostel from Hell” pretty much sums up my experience of at Pedro’s Inn. We booked a dive package as part of our gap year trip and we stayed in some pretty low end places because we were on a budget. Pedro’s was one of the more expensive but actually one of the worst. The beds were alive with bed bugs, by day two I was covered in tiny red bites that were itchy and became infected. The staff moved us and tried to make light of it but the damage was done, the remainder of our trip to San Pedro was miserable. The English owner was loud and rude and spent most of the week flirting with us, quite gross as he was old enough to be out Dad and quite possibly our grandad!

  2. So sad to see this happen and the town council is letting him do what ever he wants. We went and had pizzas and beer a lot of us and the bar staff jacked up our bill by 50%. Stay away from anything he owns. And I will bet he will be bankrupt and gone in less than 2 years.

  3. I really can’t understand the poker rally. Starts at Peter owned Caribbean Villas usually 1/2 to an hour late so 3 drinks for everyone going, then rushed at the midway bars, we didn’t even have a drink at Wayo’s. We ended at Peter owned Pedro’s Inn, waited almost an hour for the hands to be declared, another 3 drinks each. When the winner is declared Peter shamed the winner into ringing his bell for round for the house. He told him that’s the rules. The poor guy ended up with $50.00 and the rest went to Peter.
    I see how this Island works as far as he is concerned!!

  4. I agree with the above. You start at Pedros hotel/beach bar and you end at Pedro Inn and you are bullied by Pedro to ring the bell at Pedros Inn to spend anything you win! A friend of mine won a couple months ago and she gave the money to a school. Pedro was furious she wouldn’t buy a round for the house…
    She said she will never go again!

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